A Clockwork Orange (1971) | Movie Review

The trick to appreciating A Clockwork Orange is to not see Alex as the protagonist. He’s simply a means to help tell the story. The protagonist here is free will.

Murder Mystery (2019) | Movie Review

Murder Mystery isn’t without its missteps, but despite the bumpy script, the details of the mystery itself are well-tailored and pretty unique.

The Virgin Suicides (1999) | Movie Review

The Virgin Suicides isn’t about the girls and why they killed themselves necessarily, so much as it’s about the concept of nostalgia.

Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999) | Movie Review

The movie isn’t all that funny, and only suspenseful for two or three fleeting moments, but Teaching Mrs. Tingle has a certain charm despite itself.

Support the Girls (2018) | Movie Review

Support the Girls depicts a not-so-classy occupation in a somewhat classy highbrow film.

A Score to Settle (2019) | Movie Review

Get past the messy script and the several inherent problems, and A Score to Settle has its moments and can be a decent popcorn flick to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Pretty Woman (1990) | Movie Review

Pretty Woman gets a bad rap, largely due to its all-too-perfect fairy tale premise, but honestly I think people just don’t like the idea of a rom-com that actually works.

The Beach Bum (2019) | Movie Review

The Beach Bum is filled with an overload of stream-of-conscious narrative, playing out as more of a surrealistic allegory on how destructive hedonism is.

Good Time (2017) | Movie Review

Good Time won’t necessarily set the world on fire, but it does provide us with a gripping and memorable thrill.

Under the Silver Lake (2019) | Movie Review

Under the Silver Lake is a fever dream for conspiracy theorists.