Quick Movie Review: Lovelace (2013)

Not sure why this film got such mediocre reviews. I liked it actually. The story telling was really cool how they told the same story twice in a row showing it in a different light each time. It helped to juxtapose what everyone else saw with what reality was. To some, this way of showcasing events may have been this film’s downfall as they felt as though it should have used all of that time to gradually show the rise and fall of Linda Lovelace instead. I’m not sure I agree 100% because the rise and fall wasn’t gradual at all–it was only 17 days. It’s supposed to feel somewhat quick, otherwise we would feel fooled that the timeline was a lot longer than it actually was. The filmmakers do a good job ot expressing their opinions at first and letting the story speak for itself, remaining unbiased. Then as events unfold, the audience is as surprised as the readers of Ordeal probably were. Linda’s own introspect was fully realized until her monologue at the end. But I think that was slightly the point–it’s not that the filmmakers didn’t want to show Linda addressing how she felt about everything that was happening, but they knew that she DIDN’T address how she felt because she felt like she couldn’t. This is why the story was told in such a unique way–to be as muted as Linda had to be back then.

I think this is almost as good of a film about this story that we could get–until someone comes along and proves me wrong. Amanda Seyfried was amazing in her best role yet. No matter if you like it or not, I guarantee that you won’t feel like it was a waste of time watching it.

Twizard Rating: 86


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