Quick Movie Review: Brick Mansions (2014)

It’s another movie where the bad guys suck at shooting the good guys, but only when it’s convenient. Paul Walker is a great on-screen presence as always, and although never the greatest actor, he still brings a warmth and charisma to everything that he’s in and makes his films that much more enjoyable. 

This film has a clever and interesting story with a good twist, and it’s haunting seeing Walker on screen for the first time since his tragic death, but the script is absolutely terrible! So is the acting! And the directing! Also, the storytelling is a little sloppy. Don’t get me wrong, this is a likable film, but it’s saying a lot when Paul Walker and RZA are your best acting talents. It’s obvious that they casted David Belle as Lino simply for his amazing stunts so that they didn’t need to carefully edit around a stunt double. 

Why didn’t they just give them a bomb that would blow up to begin with instead of having to go through this whole process. They didn’t make you hate the government enough until towards the end–in fact, I forgot that they even existed throughout most of the film. I wish they had given a little more background as to how the brick mansions became such a crime filled area. And at the end Tremaine was saying that he would never have killed a cop and that he’s a good guy–but are we forgetting that this guy killed one of his own men in cold blood and almost knifed another one of his men for no reason?? 

However, the thing that this film does the most right is that it never ever takes itself too seriously. 

Overall, it’s definitely an entertaining experience, although unintentionally laughable on many occasions. But I would definitely watch it again.

Twizard Rating: 65


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