Quick Movie Review: Dazed and Confused (1993)

A pseudo American Graffiti that focuses more on teen life after the ’60s got its hands on it, rather than before it took its naivety. It’s a lot less innocent and not quite as insightful–although it does present the time period with the right amount of waywardness. It’s somewhat depressing, but I think that’s the point. It feels as though it’s on the fence on whether or not it was good to grow up in that time. 

It lacks structure, but the point is to just observe, not to think a whole lot. Linklater wants you to just experience 1976, not get too deeply concerned with plot and it’s cool that way. It doesn’t really pinpoint all the characters into one or two types, but has a broad array. I did notice, however, that there was little use of some of the main characters names–possibly due to the fact that Linklater used real names of his own high school cohorts. 

Overall, this is a very enjoyable movie with plenty of laughs and a solid cast–highlights on McConaughey. It makes you wish that you were there with everyone. 

Twizard Rating: 83


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