Quick Movie Review: Rio 2 (2014)

I really don’t like when films are like this. You know the type–when it’s all against one and everyone is opposing the main character. Kinda like Meet the Parents–except the humor in that film was way too good for it to matter, and the ending was so conclusive that it was worth the trouble. In THIS movie, the ending is all but heartwarming and it’s definitely not worth all the trouble. I mean, when it gets to the point where even his wife takes everyone else’s side it just makes you genuinely mad and frustrated, and it makes the film painful to watch. 

The script is below average and there are way too many subplots. The wife’s attitude towards everything that’s happening is too wishy washy and inconsistent. Nigel’s scenes are too few and far between, as he is hands down the highlight of this movie. All of the scenes that are funny are the ones with him in it–which in itself would make me not completely against watching this movie again. Also, the songs are really fun.

Overall, there may be a nice message, but it just doesn’t have the same originality that the first one had. Kids will love it because of the attractive visuals and colorful characters, but parents will mostly be bored with the exception of the toe-tapping music. 

Twizard Rating: 65


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