Quick Movie Review: A Million Ways To Die In The West (2014)

Although it’s better than I expected, it still wasn’t as funny or as good as Ted. This film’s purpose was simply to spoof and make fun of westerns. While some of the parodies are really funny, some of them go on for way too long. It’s funny at times, but when the jokes are that rapid and plentiful you’re bound to hit gold every once in a while. 

MacFarlane plays around a bit with gross shock value in this one, but luckily he gets most of it out of his system in the first act. Speaking of which, the setup is way too sloppy and I was really getting the sense that I was going to hate this movie. It didn’t seem to serve much of a purpose at that point. And the jokes felt a little too forced–even for Seth MacFarlane–and he was relying a little too much on crudeness. But eventually Theron and Neeson come in to save it and the film becomes a little more relaxed and free-flowing after that. 

Although there are more misses than hits, there is something for just about everybody. Like all of his work, each person is going to find different jokes funny since MacFarlane’s humor spans a wide range–but that’s also the thing that tends to weigh his films down and makes them inconsistent. He uses every opportunity possible to make a joke, but I still found myself coming up with better alternatives a few times. Personally, I enjoy the jokes that are found in the details. 

If you like his style you probably won’t be disappointed here. It still contains the usual overly self-aware satire that floods pretty much everything that he puts his hands on. Despite everything, the music was actually really good, with a great musical number involving mustaches. 

Twizard Rating: 74

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