Quick Movie Review: Earth to Echo (2014)

When juxtaposed to E.T. this will seem like a much lesser film. It holds many of the same themes and has generally a similar story line. However, the script and the acting isn’t quite at the same level. But Echo should be able to hold it’s own as a really entertaining film. 

It’s relatable on a different level than E.T. The kid’s relationship with Echo parallels and helps to ease their pains of leaving each other when the neighborhood is forced to move. The audience’s attachment to the human characters may swerve in and out throughout the film, but in the end it comes back strong.

My main criticism with this film lies in its narrative. While not terrible, the found-footage style still makes it difficult to establish perspective. 2012’s Chronicle did it very well. This film made it hard for the audience to know which character’s eyes to see things through as it wants to make us pity all of them.

Overall, I was thoroughly entertained and would definitely watch it again. It holds some nice messages for the younger audiences. Compared to other live-action children’s films, this one is towards the top of the list.

Twizard Rating: 84

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