Quick Movie Review: 22 Jump Street (2014)

While this wasn’t as great as the first one, it wasn’t too far off. The jokes weren’t as consistently hard-hitting the second time around, but the ones that hit were really funny. As the first one kept the ball rolling the whole time, this one seemed to slow down in the middle of the 2nd act a little bit. Hill and Tatum’s chemistry was still at an all-time high and the two have proved to be this generation’s strongest comedy duo. 

I personally think that the high school atmosphere created a little bit more of a small world feeling where everyone around the two leads were noticing what they were doing and it made everything that much funnier. But just like making the leap from high school to college in real life, you begin to realize that you can do virtually whatever you want and can still maintain anonymity. Basically, the juxtaposition of the “innocence” of high school to what the bad guys were doing was greater than the wild stereotype of college was.

There weren’t as big of “a-ha” moments when figuring out who the suppliers were, and I wished that the villains were given a little bit more depth–much like they did with Dave Franco’s character from 21 Jump Street. The self-awareness was still there and the jokes were in the same spirit, but it seemed like everything was just a tad step lower than the first film. However, I do like how Ice Cube’s character was used a little bit more in this one.

Overall this film is a fun ride, albeit not AS rewatchable as the 21 Jump Street. I hope they continue this franchise. 

Twizard Rating: 89

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