Quick Movie Review: Mighty Joe Young (1998)

Maybe at the time this was released it wasn’t all that appreciated by some older viewers. However, I love a good ’90s movie. 

While not seeing the original yet–although I plan to soon–I can’t compare the two. But all I know is that I really enjoyed this film. I was 9 when it was released and hadn’t watched it until just now. I have to say that I wish I had grown up with this movie. It’s a great family film! It’s predictable even when you think they might stray away from it–but it’s good clean fun that never becomes too apparent that it’s catering to the children. Although the script may not be the strongest, it will do just fine. I wish the characters had been a little deeper, but other than that I think it serves its purpose. Charlize Theron is great and the scene where Joe terrorizes Hollywood is well worth the price of admission. Add the beautiful scenery and the more-than-acceptable effects for 1998, and it’s an easy movie to like! Apparently a little TOO easy for some.

Twizard Rating: 89

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