Quick Movie Review: Charlie Countryman (2013)

Shia LaBeouf is a genius in this movie. He is at 100% here and undeniably believable. And the rest of the actors are great as well. It knows when not to take itself too seriously and when to be dark while somehow keeping a consistent tone. However you just want it to be deeper than it is. Shia’s acting makes you feel like we know more about his character, Charlie, but when you stop to think about it, we really don’t. But you WANT to! He seems so fascinating! There are a few points in the script that cause you to ask questions, but none of them are too distracting and the alternatives won’t change the outcome of the film anyway.

I do give credit to the script for its great theme of following your heart to the ends of the earth without any regrets and never doubting your love. I also commend the director for acknowledging these themes and succeeding in bringing them to life. I love a movie where you know that the director is getting his exact points across in the exact way that he had intended–and when its this obvious in watching the finished product.

Overall, it was really enjoyable to me and kept my attention thoroughly. It just makes me never want to go to Bucharest.

Twizard Rating: 92

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