Quick Movie Review: Lucy (2014)

Although impressive on a technical level, and intriguing enough to keep an audience’s attention, you will find yourself detached from the title character. Not only that, but you don’t get attached to any other character in the whole film. And because the setup was almost nonexistent, the film provides absolutely no background to Lucy.

While some of Morgan Freeman’s dialogue is interesting and the subject matter draws you in, the script doesn’t come without flaws. There are numerous occasions where the viewer may ask themselves why Lucy is wasting her time driving a car or allowing the enemies to breach the building that she’s in. In other words, are there limitations to how close a person must be to control them or what?

Also, Lucy has no real weakness, so it makes it hard to become concerned about her fate. The only weakness presented (falling apart if she didn’t take the drug) never becomes a threat and was barely even presented. It would be like if there was a Hulk film where he is battling an evil villain with no super powers, therefore impossible for the villain to defeat the Hulk because the villain is just an ordinary person. There would be nothing at stake.

You can’t talk about this movie without comparing it to Limitless. Limitless is a far better film in pretty much every aspect. Lucy has way more of an “out there” feel to it, while you feel as though the events in Limitless could actually happen.

And while the tone is consistent, the philosophical points seem disjunct and only half-realized. And when they are realized, they are presented in a semi-pretentious way. When a film tries to prove a point, it helps when we go on a journey of realization with the main character. But in this case, the main character becomes seemingly all-knowing so the journey isn’t just unrelatable, it’s exceeds our comprehension. 

Overall, Lucy is very interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat to find out what happens when reaching 100%, but I’m not sure that this will happen again upon me rewatching it as there is no other reward gotten out of it. I’ll have to rerate it after that.

Twizard Rating: 71

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