Quick Movie Review: Addams Family Values (1993)

With a less convoluted script and funnier circumstances, Addams Family Values can move beyond one liners of the previous installment and bring the family and their weirdness into the real world. It brings the tone and feel that everyone loved from the first one and creates a more compelling story around it.
We get to see a little more depth here too as we look further into Gomez and Fester’s relationship, explore Fester’s deep rooted issues, and we watch Wednesday fall in love. This is huge for the Addam’s family, who come across as what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of people.
However, the script didn’t come without a few flaws. Questions like, why would it take Debbie so many tries to kill Fester if she just killed all of her ex-husbands with an axe–why didn’t she try the axe with him? And if electrocuting Fester didn’t work the first time, then why did she try it again at the end for her ultimate murder attempt? And I know this is nitpicky, but why didn’t Wednesday and Pugsley just stop putting the VHS tapes into the VCR when they were being “tortured” on punishment at the summer camp, instead of continuing to watch more and more?
But all that aside, this film is highly enjoyable, clever, and laugh-out-loud funny. There aren’t a lot of movies in the history of cinema that can parallel the type of humor presented throughout the Addams Family duology, which makes these films all the more unique and important.


Twizard Rating: 90

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