Quick Movie Review: The Secret Garden (1993)

I could vaguely remember the details of this film from my childhood, and it was one that I had wanted to revisit for awhile. So, the second film that I’ve picked for our 1993 journey was The Secret Garden.

The tones given off in this movie are magical within themselves and the landscapes are beautiful. Although it’s pinned as a family film, it’s not necessarily great for all kids. Many may want something a little more fast paced and dumbed down. Although the pacing is a little slow, it’s alright because you like joining the kids for their adventures in the garden. I see it as making the film more of an experience than it stretching the script too thin. At times you could want a little bit more mysticism and enchantment, but it might be the point not to make the magic blatantly obvious. The characters all develop wonderfully because of this garden, whose magic you don’t see in the stereotypical ways. 

I love how it brings us back to the wonderment that we all have as a child. Where magic still exists–no matter how tangible the results. There’s magic in the wonder itself. They realize that what they’ve really found wasn’t just a garden, but themselves.

Twizard Rating: 93

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