Quick Movie Review: Beethoven (1992)

This is the type of movie that would have had to be made in the ’90s. There would be no business for it nowadays when non-animated family movies pretty much suck, and even the ones that don’t aren’t dated enough to make us appreciate them. Films are too perfect now. No more leeways in scripts or silly phrases here and there. I miss the good ole days. But I digress. 

Beethoven was good for someone like me who grew up with it. If you were 40 years old when this film came out, then chances are you’re not going to appreciate it besides the fact that your kids enjoy it or that the dog is cute.

The dad is the only character with any depth or development here in the sense that it’s mostly about his relationship with Beethoven and growth when it comes to accepting him. The wife and kids love the dog from the start and there’s no situation that ever threatens that. But this causes for the dad’s actions to be all the more dramatic, although it doesn’t make much sense why the he wouldn’t consult with his wife before taking Beethoven to be put to sleep. His character’s actions tend to be inconsistent and frustratingly unpredictable. The villain’s motives are unclear and, from what I gathered, ridiculous reasons to go on a dognapping spree. I did, however, appreciate some of the director’s attention to detail. The questions I had weren’t his fault, but the screenplay’s. Certain situations were forced into the script in order to execute the desired results more conveniently. 

The script, although porous at times, can be very clever and acerbic, so I’m giving in points for that. John Hughes did pen it after all. The 3rd act includes a killer action sequence all dressed up in ’90s flair.

Overall, Beethoven is a good feel-good family film and a great children’s movie. Watch it with your kids!

Twizard Rating: 80

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