Quick Movie Review: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

Homeward Bound is a great movie about our love for our pets. It’s simple and to the point without becoming over-saturated with subplots and fluff. Although it’s a remake of the 1963 film, The Incredible Journey, the story still proves to be original after all these years. 
There’s not a whole lot to criticize here. I guess it’s somewhat annoying (if you pay attention) that the kid’s mom didn’t have any opinions or backbone whatsoever as she let her new husband (their stepdad) to call all the shots. After all, the film was about his growth as a character, but she just seemed to never have any emotion either way about what was happening with him and the kids. In general though, I didn’t have to be too nitpicky at all. Maybe just a little more emotion coming from Chance and Shadow when they think that Sassy dies.
It’s great how the filmmakers brought such depth and emotion to these animal characters and then juxtaposed it with the development of the stepdad’s character. It was young learning from old at the animals’ level, but old learning from young at the humans’ level. Very smart. 
But overall, your liking of this film will come down to whether or not you enjoyed it yourself.
Twizard Rating: 95

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