Quick Movie Review: Army of Darkness (1993)

In Army of Darkness, I found myself laughing more and wanting it to end less than the previous two films. But much like Evil Dead II, the comedy lacks character and individuality. There are different types of comedy–all sorts–but these films aren’t quite sure of which type they are. I’d say the closest it comes to is satire. However, it doesn’t satirize the aspects that it should be half the time. And although the humor is more apparent and deliberate in this movie, I still wasn’t laughing out loud as much as I wanted to.

Overall, this film is actually enjoyable for me, compared to the other two which are more eye rolling than anything else. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and the tone is a little less intermittent. I love how Ash finally becomes the hero that we’ve wanted him to be since the very beginning. He is cooler than ever and chock full of great one-liners. But with that said, I still can’t seem to get attached to his character as much as I want to.

As it’s not so much a horror as it is an action-comedy, Army of Darkness should still please fans of the first two films.

Twizard Rating: 67

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