Quick Movie Review: The Maze Runner (2014)


Here it is, another dystopian teen movie. But this time it forces us to pay more attention to details and isn’t as obviously formulaic. There are no unnecessary subplots–especially of the romantic variety–and the villain is a mystery up until the end. It doesn’t “artistically” give itself an open-ended conclusion, instead it wisely allows us to see what happens afterwards. However, it still leaves us with questions. I know there is a sequel, but there is too many things to scratch your head about. It answers the question of “what” but it failed to really satisfy us with “why” or “how”. The mystery is what keeps you going, and it will succeed at keeping your interest the whole time, but what they find out in the end isn’t as pleasing as one would hope.

My only real criticism here is with the script. Within the first 20 minutes I was impressed that they had covered the audience’s questions thoroughly and early on without making us sit through another mystery altogether. Sometimes in films it’s the wise–but seemingly taboo–thing to do to answer the viewers’ questions by means of the main character having a Q & A with a more informed character. This was one of those times. But then as the film progresses I realize that the information that I thought I knew was being contradicted and had been explained poorly.

I was loving this movie and couldn’t wait for the revelation at the end, but when I got there it wasn’t as clear as I had wanted it to be and it left me with even more questions. How does this test show why the kids are resistant? Why was one kid sent up only every month? Why were there just boys and not girls? How did Gally find his way through the tunnels at the end? Why did Thomas only remember certain things but not everything? Why did they bring Alby back from the maze if he was infected? Why doesn’t Thomas stay hidden in the ivy during his first experience in the maze? I expected my mind to be blown, but what I got more than anything was more questions.

The Maze Runner is very intriguing and it doesn’t feel as YA-fiction as it probably is. If it wasn’t for the last 10 minutes this movie would be one of the best I’ve seen all year. The script isn’t perfect and it’s a little short on character depth, but you really can’t complain when a movie continues to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Twizard Rating: 91


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