Quick Movie Review: Nymphomaniac Volume 2 (2014)


With the “journey” finished, I don’t like this film any more than the first installment. No character is liable, except for maybe Joe’s father, and Joe can only seem to like and empathize with those who she can relate to herself. She’s selfish. Finally at the end she seems to become friends with the old man, whom she knows nothing about, because he listened to her. But that all ends when she kills him. Lars Von Trier want you to love Joe so badly, and it’s evident in the script. After every action she is seen as the good-guy in the end. And you have the old man who keeps telling her that she’s not a bad person and keeps justifying her mistakes, when in fact she isn’t a good person. But I suppose, at least, the audience sees that a little better this time around.

But the film makes some better points politically and socially,  as the first film was more commentary on science and mathematical theories. The script was just as smart, but this film was just as hard to watch as the first. And I still wish they had revealed more about her mother and what caused Joe to be who she is.

Overall, there is no reason to watch these films more than once for even the biggest of fans. I watched it because I’m a Shia LaBeouf fan, but that is all.

Twizard Rating: 61


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