Quick Movie Review: Fury (2014)


At first they were displeased with him and thought he would bring them down, but at a moment these 4 guys realize that Norman makes them better. Meanwhile, Norman learns a lot about himself and what he’s willing to do. And then it all comes full circle in the end with a moment of compassion show by a German soldier.

It’s always best to judge a film off of how well it serves its own purpose. Fury gets its point across well. It wants to show the rawest and most realistic form of war. It also wants to peak through the curtain to the other side. It was brilliantly executed here.

I also love the camerawork and direction that this movie has. It doesn’t waste too much time with shaky-cam in order to make it seem like more is happening, and you’re always sure of what’s going on. Every time a shot is fired, you know who is shooting it. There is a very human aspect to all of the combat.

There’s no bit of this film that I don’t like and enjoy. With great action sequences and memorable scenes, Fury serves its purpose of showing us the positive and negative impact that war had on the individuals immersed into it.

Twizard Rating: 100


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