Quick Movie Review: Penguins of Madagascar (2014)


In a similar fashion of A Million Ways to Die in the West, this film spews joke after joke, so there’s always something to grasp on to. However, the jokes here are all of the same taste and keep the film at a consistent tone throughout. They don’t really talk down to the kiddies either. I found that the humor was much less juvenile than expected–more Shrek-esque.

However, the overlying premise is based on something that would never happen–they wouldn’t keep getting rid of an animal in the zoo just because he suddenly got demoted to the second most popular animal. It’s a plot hole that is easily cracked by adults, although kids won’t realize or care.

Although it stretches the plot pretty thin, it’s hard to tell with all the jokes coming your way. It moves along briskly and keeps your attention throughout, and at least it’s not 2 hours long!

In a world where good kids films are getting rarer and rarer, we find a good one that the parents won’t mind watching either. As the Madagascar films get better with each new installment, Penguins of Madagascar follows that trend.

Twizard Rating: 87


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