Quick Movie Review: Top Five (2014)

top five

Chris Rock shows the world that his humor is slightly evolved and still very much relevant. Top Five is very well thought-out. It’s beauty is in its simplicity. Although it takes place all in one day, it feels more like a saga of the main character. The movie is also very conversation-based, which allows Rock to thrive.

Rock and Rosario Dawson, his opposite lead, have great chemistry and play off of each other very well. It’s a comedy, but also mixes in drama perfectly, without spending too much time on either one.

You know the two leads are going to end up with each other, but the film never becomes formulaic. The back and forth narrative, which is seamless, is a nice change of pace and paints a complete picture of the story. They throw in the “top five best rappers” element to the story, and it makes the movie that much more fun! My biggest complaint is that Jay-Z was included in everyone’s top five list simply because he had a producer credit.

Among its many strengths, Top Five also satirizes reality TV and the idiocy that surrounds it. For a fan of scripted entertainment, it made me like this movie even more. The cameos in this film are another highlight as they are all utilized to their maximum potential.

A lot of the humor is subtle, which will be even more appreciated through multiple viewings. I have long been deciding whether or not I wanted to pursue stand-up comedy and if I ever have success I will attribute this film as what gave me the push.

Twizard Rating: 93


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