Quick Movie Review: Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)


My thing is, you can’t bash a movie that’s original and experimental in nature. Especially one that provides such deep commentary as this one does. Look past narrative and character depth and acting–which are all on point here anyway–and realize that you will rarely watch anything like this in your lifetime. There’s nothing commercial about this. Much could be said about the equally innovative Boyhood.

But in Birdman’s case, the long takes adds to the complexity of the story and the palpability of it. You know there’s no BS because you’re seeing everything–and it all makes sense. And while the film seems to mostly be one single shot, it still has so many stories intertwined that all relate to one another as though the characters are apart of the same plain–and they can’t avoid each other.

It’s a commentary of show business, but it isn’t preachy, and it doesn’t blatantly take sides. It shows things for what they are.

To me it’s impossible to criticize something that’s as honest as this. You watch this film an then you go and watch the next Nicholas Sparks film and compare their integrities. One of those you feel like you’re a customer at somebody’s business, and the other you feel like you’re staring at a masterpiece at an art gallery. A masterpiece of film is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Birdman doesn’t fall apart at the seams if something is out of line. It isn’t dependent on one aspect of the film. Even with mediocre acting this film would be incredible.

Twizard Rating: 99


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