Quick Movie Review: Project Almanac (2015)

project alamanac

There’s absolutely no denying that this movie is full of fun. It’s gripping and keeps you at the edge of your seat. However, by about the same time that the movie really takes off half way through the 2nd act, plot holes start showing up. Unlike the ones in 2013’s About Time, they’re not so annoying at first, but you’ll soon find yourself saying, “…I would have liked this movie way more if that didn’t happen.”

While most of the holes come from breaking all kinds of time travel rules (David, played by Jonny Weston, apparently doesn’t run into his past self when attempting to redo his mistake with Jessie at Lollapalooza), there are even a couple of them in there that have nothing to do with time travel at all (the camera picks up the sound of two people having a conversation 30 feet away during a concert as though they were right next to them in a library).

The laziness in the script may not work for some, although I feel like the movie did an okay job of masking its mistakes. Why don’t they go back in time to fix the wrong number in the lottery, but they’re willing to go back to do comparatively superfluous things.

Although it’s not bothersome to me, the shaky found footage camerawork is a little too much in this movie. But it doesn’t turn out to be an unnecessary detail.

You just want to see more of the group’s adventures into the past as they live it up. In fact, I would’ve been willing to watch a whole 2 hours of them just dong that stuff. But this film becomes more about the problems of traveling through time rather than actually accomplishing anything by traveling through time.

The ending of this movie makes up for a lot and has a pretty nice grandiose finish to it. I would definitely watch this film again. As it’s not the best addition to the time travel genre, it doesn’t necessarily harm it either. In fact, I really liked it.

Twizard Rating: 83



  1. I was looking forward to this film but I can’t say I’m surprised there are plot holes. Time travel is tricky to pull off well but the producers may have been more focused on creating a fun teen/young adult flick than paying attention to the continuity of the plot. Which is fine, it took me many hours of Doctor Who and Continuum to get a serious grip on time travel!

    1. Yeah, I agree! It’s seldom done without any holes. And like I say, some holes are more annoying than others–the ones in this movie weren’t AS bad as some other one’s I’ve seen. It’s a really entertaining movie altogether though!

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