Quick Movie Review: Focus (2015)


With what seems like two films in one, Focus has our attention the whole time. However, it makes us forget that the big picture is not what it seems to be. More or less it’s a love story between Nicky (Will Smith) and Jess (Margot Robbie). We are given a lot of scenes that make it seem like this is about a big heist, but those turn out to be just instruments to help paint a bigger picture.

While Smith adds another fun performance to his CV, Robbie is always letting us know that she’s about to con someone before we’re supposed to find out. It’s in her face. But on the other hand, she’s capable of acting fooled when her character really is.

The script could have been proofread once more to fix a few minor, yet mostly unnoticeable errors. But Focus offers an interesting glimpse inside a world that our culture is obsessed with. And the twists are mostly unexpected. You’re not sure who’s going to screw who until the end. It’s tortuous but never confusing.

Although the film lacks a lot of depth and character development, you still root for the leads. That must be the magic of Will Smith.

Twizard Rating: 84


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