Quick Movie Review: Cobra (1986)


Lieutenant Cobretti will spitball well-scripted one liners, and he’ll even beat a sawed-off shotgun in a West Side Story rumble with just a 4 foot chain. He’s not afraid to shoot up dozens of bad guys without hesitation, but don’t ever expect him to take the clear shot when he’s one-on-one with their leader.

Sylvester Stallone plays Marion “Cobra” Cobretti, an elite mercenary for the Los Angeles Police Department. He then becomes invested in a string of murders around the area and tries to figure out who’s responsible.

It’s not fair to say that this is an unentertaining movie. It’s enjoyable and I laughed a few times, but many scenarios are too convenient for the progression of the story. Cobra’s colleagues have no reason not to believe his hunches. He’s obviously done his homework and has talked to one of the culprits.

And we know who the “inside man” is right away. There’s no mystery. We see that Cobra is right the whole time. We’re basically just anticipating the inevitable conclusion.

At the very least it gives you characters to like and root for. Some of the action is ridiculous, but some of it is decently creative. And it keeps the story moving quickly. However, it would probably serve better as an episode on a crime drama series.

Stallone and his secondary lead, Brigitte Neilsen, have great chemistry (they were married) and do a good job carrying this film. But it’s no First Blood.

Twizard Rating: 60


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