Quick Movie Review: Comedian (2002)


As an aspiring standup comedian, I felt it necessary to watch Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedian” before I went any further with my set development. I have to say it was both entertaining and informative. Maybe I got more out of it considering my present circumstance, but I think that it’s great insight to a world that many never consider has much insight. It’s an art that’s taken for granted much of the time. It’s easy to laugh. We tell jokes with our friends, so it must be easy to do something that is so bare at its essence. “Comedian” proves that that’s not really the case.

The premise is to show the construction of a one-hour set. Seinfeld is scrapping all his old material and starting over. He’s made it and proven himself in the world of comedy, but seeks a higher challenge and meaning. This is paralleled with young comedian, Orny Adams, who tries to make a name for himself.

For those interested in pursuing standup comedy, this is a must-watch. It aims to motivate and is pretty unbiased in its effort. And for those who just like to spectate, it will show you a different side to that world.

Twizard Rating: 93


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