Quick Movie Review: Amy (2015)


We all saw it coming. The emotional train wreck that was Amy Winehouse. We knew it was inevitable. But we also didn’t know the whole story. Here, in the brilliant documentary, Amy, we get to see what caused her to get to her life to the stage it was in. It accurately depicts the downward spiral without anything coming across as abrupt or sudden. We know of the pending doom, but we just watch it happen–much like everyone in her life did.

Amy doesn’t distract us with the typical documentary-style single-camera interviews from close family and friends. Instead, it shows her life chronologically through home movies, press videos, and pictures, meanwhile the people closest to her hash out the details of her depression and addiction. There is no filter, nor agenda. They celebrate Amy’s brilliance while remaining candid about her faults.

One of the main underlying themes throughout the whole documentary is enabling. Her whole life was filled with people who enabled her or gave up on her. Very few people actually tried to forcefully help her–but the opposition was so much stronger that they were left outnumbered.

It’s funny because when you’re charismatic and popular, everyone wants to win you over and no one wants to tell you what to do for fear of you not liking them. Others may do it because you getting help isn’t convenient for them.

It doesn’t remain unbiased, but it’s honest. Why would it be unbiased? Throughout the whole film it’s obvious where the problems lay. It doesn’t directly point fingers, but the facts about certain people directly surrounding her are enough to paint Times Square.

This documentary is worth a watch since most of us didn’t know the singer for who she was–a person. It addresses the problems surrounding her. And while showing sympathy towards her, it never excuses what happened.

Twizard Rating: 95


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