Quick Movie Review: Captain America: Civl War (2016)

captain america3

If we’re being honest with each other, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed too many installments in the Avengers series since 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger. I mean, REALLY enjoyed them. I liked most of them, but not to the point of needing to rewatch them. The first Avengers film was very enjoyable. And so was last year’s Ant-Man. But other than that, it’s been growing a bit tiresome.

And within the first ten minutes of Captain America: Civil War, I thought it wasn’t boding well for this one either. There was a random action scene, which felt more like action for action’s sake. We weren’t sure why things were happening. It was more self-aggrandizing than anything else.

But soon after, we realize it was supposed to be somewhat unimportant. Merely setting up the theme for the rest of the movie.

The Avengers are trying to stop some bad guys in Nigeria, but kill some civilians in the process.

Afterwards, the superhero team faces a lot of adversity across the entire world. The United Nations issues an act that will oversee and control the Avengers’ missions. This divides everyone in the group. Some feel that not fighting every battle they hear of is a waste of their abilities, while others are affected more by the death toll of the innocent.

I wasn’t expecting the “civil war” to be much more than a verbal conflict, but it escalates pretty badly. You know something really catastrophehic is going to happen as a result of this.

Halfway through this movie, I’ve already realized that it’s better than most that came before it.

Here’s why I like it: More than almost any Avengers film, there’s no convoluted premise or overuse of impenetrable fanboy references. Everything here is clearcut. There are no alien races trying to takeover the planet. Nothing here feels like it’s beating a dead horse.

This film also contains the best cast yet. Chadwick Boseman ups the ante playing Black Panther, as his acting abilities almost seem too good for this franchise. We also get some great character surprises, as well as a few minutes of Marisa Tomei.

It’s a refreshing mix of each character’s personality and wit, without it sacrificing the film’s intent or them stepping on each other’s toes.

Like any of Marvel’s Avengers movie, this one has tons of charisma. But it’s different this time, because it isn’t forced. It makes you think philosophically–and morally–even if you don’t realize you are.

If you think about it for too long, you may realize the results in the movie are completely wrong compared to how it would (and perhaps, should) resolve, but that shouldn’t allow you to not enjoy it.

It becomes top tier in this glorified franchise, and moves into my top 3 favorite Marvel films since the series was launched in 2008–along with Iron Man and the aforementioned Captain America: The First Avenger.

It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty close as far as superhero movies go.

It’s also important to note that you should probably know some background on the whole Bucky-Captain America relationship or you might be a little lost. Also, for those of you who’ve never seen ANY Avengers film, this will probably all be lost on you.

Twizard Rating: 95


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