Quick Movie Review: Sausage Party (2016)

sausage party

The animation is easy to watch with its unique look and feel, and the grocery puns are usually very clever and well thought-out, but besides that, Sausage Party is more gag-inducing than funny. And you can’t help but think that it’s merely for shock value.

As thought-provoking as it intends to be, it’s mostly in vain due to its irreverence. The items in a grocery store are all brainwashed to believe that humans are their gods, and that they must be “chosen” to reach the Great Beyond–which is unknown to any of them at the time.

It’s led by a sausage, Frank (Seth Rogen), who is slowly discovering the truth–that humans aren’t gods, but monsters set out to murder all of them–but no one will listen to him. The storyline has promise, but much of the time is spent on extraneous sex jokes, for the sheer purpose of having sex jokes made by pieces of food.

It has its moments, but you spend too much time cringing or laughing out of discomfort. And even within the ridiculous logic of the film, certain things still don’t always make sense.

Certain characters are enjoyable, like a chewed up piece of gum who cannot die because he’s a piece of gum. But on the other hand, there’s a villain (besides the humans) whose motives are foggy and entirely unconvincing.

Honestly, the film’s strongest aspect is making us truly want to know how it will end. But when it does, you’re still not completely satisfied.

Twizard Rating: 63


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