Quick Movie Review: Predator (1987)


Throughout much of the first half of this movie you start getting the feeling that it’s gonna be one of those films where the plot gets stretched way too thin and it becomes a yawnfest. While the former is still true, the latter goes away as soon as we get our first encounter with the monster. From then on we are wide awake and become invested in the outcome, while Predator turns into a pretty decent action-suspense film.

However, much of the dialogue is laughable and every time Arnold opens his mouth you have to shake your head.

Besides the impressive special effects and costume design, all of this film’s points come from the second half when the action starts rolling, as the Thomas brothers aren’t too competent at writing narrative.

Twizard Rating: 64


Quick Movie Review: Evil Dead II (1987)

While an improvement on its predecessor with a better backstory, I still found myself shaking my head quite often. Why is every character in these movies so annoying? They’re always acting dumb and irrational. And although some of you may argue it, I don’t think it’s as intentional as you think it is. I know this “sequel” is supposed to partially be a comedy but it evokes more eye rolling than laughter. Although I do appreciate a good slapstick, the gore is constantly taking away from whatever humor is being presented.

I’m still not on board with this series, however, the art and effects are still very impressive and I enjoyed the creative call-back ending.

Twizard Rating: 59

Dirty Dancing?! More like…..Stupid Dancing….

The year was 1987, and I bet you will never guess what film was number 1 in the U.S. box office…I bet you’re NOT guessing Three Men and a Baby. I sure know I wasn’t. Some of you may have said Beverly Hills Cop 2 or even Lethal Weapon…but really?! I mean, it’s a great movie–but REALLY?!?!  Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg adjusting to the hardships of fatherhood took the gold that year?!

Anyway,  I would like to say that fortunately, despite its “timeless” portrayal, Dirty Dancing didn’t even make the top 10 during such a slow year. And I am in no way saying that box office performance determines the quality of a film–but it does make me feel better about humanity.

Some of you may be wondering why I even decided to take time off my busy schedule to watch this film when I haven’t even seen Rocky yet. Welp, I can say with confidence that there is absolutely no rational reason why I did that.

So, let me tell you about the film. It takes place in 1963 and tells the story of a girl named Baby (Jennifer Grey) who is vacationing with her parents at a resort. She is very innocent and sees the world with a child-like view, and she is very close to her parents. However, while on vacation she meets this guy, Johnny (Patrick Swayze), whom she finds herself intrigued by. He is a dancer at the resort and she knows nothing about dancing or the ways of the world. Baby’s parents don’t like this Johnny guy or his “influence” on her. The story goes on with them falling in love and him teaching her how to dance and so on.

I was not impressed. Not once did I crack even a smile throughout the duration of this movie. It takes itself way too seriously, and it’s predictable the whole way through. However, I do have to say that the character development was good and Swayze’s performance was on par.

But now, moving on to the thing that REALLY irked me….the movie takes place in 1963–so it needs to stop playing music from 1987!! I wish this film would decide what decade it wants to be in! I mean, despite it being predictable and all that, I could have felt SOME sort of nostalgia while watching it if it actually made me feel like I was in a particular era! And I suppose I would have been fine with one or two 80’s songs as part of the soundtrack, but they used at least 3 of them as actual source music! As in, they were DANCING to it!! In a film about dancing in the 60’s and how the times were-a-changin’ in the 60’s, one would think that they wouldn’t be dancing to 80’s music! They should have just thrown in some disco to complete chronology!

So I did some research after I finished the film (as I usually do after watching movies) to see if other critics shared my sentiment about this whole music ordeal. To my surprise, I found no mention of it. I must be going crazy!

This movie was supposed to be released for one weekend only and then go straight to video. Why does this film have such positive reviews?! I don’t get it. It makes me upset!

 Just don’t let its “legendary” status fool you, folks!

And to those of you who love this movie, I guess I forgive you…