Ranking Every ‘Goosebumps’ Book in the Original Series!


Like most kids growing up in the ’90s, I collected Goosebumps books more than I read them. In fact, I probably only read a handful of them when I was young. But that didn’t stop me from wanting and collecting them. I loved the covers and the concepts–and even the titles. As kids, I think many of us loved the idea of Goosebumps more than anything else. Its popularity went beyond the just books themselves. I still have my Goosebumps bed spread from when I was a kid. And once again, I only read a handful of these books. That’s what Goosebumps does to us.

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Ranking Every ‘Salute Your Shorts’ Episode Ever!

salute your shorts.jpg

Salute Your Shorts is easily my favorite ’90s Nickelodeon show. It became synonymous with the summers of my childhood. Watching Nick In the Afternoon and hoping that Stick Stickly would announce it up next was perhaps the most anxious my life got at such a young age.

It ran from 1991 to 1992, but Nickelodeon syndicated it well until 1998, to where it was even among the top 15 highest-rated regularly scheduled basic-cable series in 1996, according to Nielsen, despite not having aired a new episode in four years.

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The 15 Best ‘Boy Meets World’ One-Off Characters


A couple of weeks ago I posted my ranking of every Boy Meets World episode ever. And with the amount of great one-timers the show had, it didn’t feel right not to pay homage to them. This is my way of honoring the amazing characters who showed up in one episode never to be seen of or heard from again.

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Ranking Every ‘Boy Meets World’ Episode Ever!


Boy Meets World is a show that each fan grew up on differently. Some caught it during its original TGIF Friday Night Lineup. Others saw it for the first time on Disney Channel in the early ’00s during its 2nd run syndication. I even know some people that literally only know the show for its college seasons. But this discrepancy is the reason why the show is beloved by fans of a wide age range. It’s just as relatable now as it was back then. And unlike a lot of ’90s sitcoms, the humor holds up incredibly well.

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Ranking Every ‘Even Stevens’ Episode Ever!


I’m a huge Even Stevens fan. Perhaps the biggest ever. Growing up I wanted to be Louis Stevens more than anything. I dressed like him, laughed like him, and even talked like him. I would set my clock every evening for when the show came on and would be quoting the episode the next day at school to my classmates’ and teachers’ eye-rolling. To this day, I still watch it almost every night. It makes me happy and keeps my life filled with joy and fun.

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