The King of Staten Island (2020) | Movie Review

The King of Staten Island opens with Pete Davidson, playing a semi-autobiographical version of himself, contemplating suicide behind the wheel of a car.

The Blob (1958) | Movie Review

Although the plot features some very slow decision making at times, there’s a certain atmosphere built that makes The Blob so undeniably appealing.

Da 5 Bloods (2020) | Movie Review

Da 5 Bloods is an interesting package, offering compelling food for thought but never offers any definitive outlook for these characters or the film’s underlying message—mostly because it tries to cover too much political ground at once.

Nosferatu (1922) | Movie Review

In order to even remotely enjoy 1922’s silent classic Nosferatu, you must nearly suppress any and all horror expectations.

Basic Instinct (1992) | Movie Review

Overall, Basic Instinct is a fantastic thriller, captivating us at every turn.

Where the Boys Are (1960) | Movie Review

But for a 60-year-old teen movie, Where the Boys Are only feels dated a few times. Overall, it knows what it’s doing.

Hard Eight (1997) | Movie Review

Hard Eight is the type of movie where the plot doesn’t really matter. We stay fully engaged because of the intriguing characters and the vibrant, compelling dialogue.