Quick Movie Review: Explorers (1985)

Growing up watching this movie several times, it holds a special place in my heart. It contributed greatly to every dream that I had, for every adventure that I wished to go on, and for every project that I had. It was always in the back of my mind, and it’s safe to say that it still is. I relate to Ben (Ethan Hawke) a lot in the sense that I approached every adventure with eyes wide open and always believed in something big no matter how impossible it seemed. I’m also a sucker for nostalgic pop culture references, of which this film has tons of.

The script is very good and so is the direction by Joe Dante. The characters may not be extremely deep, but they each have very distinct archetypes. Most people say that the issue with this film is in it’s 3rd act, which seems kind of unfinished. However, this is not a knock on the filmmakers as this was the studios fault for rushing the editing for an early release date. The filmmakers weren’t happy about this and claim to never have gotten the film out that they had wanted to make. They didn’t get the ending that they wanted and moreover, the characters didn’t get to fully develop as the director had wanted. This is unfortunate, but just imagine how amazing of a film this would have been if that actually happened. It’s already entertaining enough as it is. 

Some may say anticlimactic, but I say a fun journey with a mysterious climax. Nostalgic and all, this film holds up pretty well. 

Twizard Rating: 92

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