The Best Movies to Stream During the Coronavirus Quarantine | Streaming Guide

sunset boulevard
Sunset Boulevard (1950) available on Amazon Prime

Let’s be real, whether your sick or not, it’s likely you’re stuck at home for the next few weeks under quarantine from coronavirus. And if picking a movie to watch isn’t stressful enough under normal circumstances when you have to carefully deliberate on which form of entertainment to fill the two free hours before you have to go to sleep, choosing one when you have unlimited spare time may prove to be difficult in a much different way. Anxiety (dare I say, paralysis) over too many options will undoubtedly occur. 

Take this time to learn explore genres and catalogs you wouldn’t normally have explored or had the time to. Just learn about film in general if you’re into it. Will this finally be the time I watch the 4-hour long Gone With the Wind?? Can I finally watch Kevin Smith’s entire filmography?? Bucket list items will be fulfilled and IMDB lists will be checked off.

But if you want to stay home (some of us unpaid) and not have to pay for movie rentals, I’ve compiled a list of some films available for “free” on select streaming services. Here, I’m covering what’s offered by the big three: Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu–as well as the variety of “free with ads” outlets. Disney Plus has tons of options, but it would be tedious for me to simply list the countless Disney movies that you already know are available. I’m also going to attempt to name some movies that aren’t necessarily on the “What’s Popular” lists on the front pages, and included some deeper cuts that people may not realize are available to them, including some they may not even know exist. For every Ferris Bueller’s Day Off there’s a Sylvio (read the list).

Amazon Prime has the most movies by far (and seemingly more pre-’90s releases than anything else), with Netflix in second (with more recent releases), and Hulu at a much distant third as it’s more catered to television audiences.

The popular “free with ads” services include Tubi, Vudu, Sony Crackle, PopcornFlix, and IMDb TV.

As of March 18, 2020, here are some solid picks to watch during your quarantine:

Cinema Classics:

great escape poster
The Great Escape (1963) available on Amazon Prime

And God Created Woman – Prime

The Apartment – Prime

The Blob (1958) – Crackle

Blood and Black Lace – Prime

Creature from the Black LagoonPopcornFlix

Detour – Prime

The Endless Summer – Prime

Fist of Fury – Prime

The Great EscapePrime

House on Haunted Hill – Prime

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)Prime

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World – Prime

Lawrence of Arabia – Crackle

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – Prime

Night of the Living DeadPrime

Nosferatu (1922) – Prime/Tubi

Plan 9 from Outer SpacePrime

Roman Holiday – Prime/Free services

Sunset Boulevard – Prime


Directorial Debuts:

hard eight
Hard Eight (1996) available on Amazon Prime and Sony Crackle

Bad Taste (Peter Jackson) – Prime

Dementia 13 (Francis Ford Coppola) – Prime

Fear and Desire (Stanley Kubrick) – Prime

Hard Eight (Paul Thomas Anderson) – Prime/Crackle

Hollywood Boulevard (Joe Dante) – Prime

Say Anything (Cameron Crowe) – Hulu


Old School Horror:

killer klowns from outer space
Killer Clowns from Outer Space (1988) available on Tubi

An American Werewolf in LondonPrime

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! – Prime/Tubi

Bad Taste – Peter Jackson – Prime

The Blob (1958) – Crackle

Blood and Black Lace – Prime


Chopping MallPrime

Creature from the Black LagoonPopcornFlix

Dementia 13 – Prime

The Evil DeadNetflix

Fright Night – Crackle

House on Haunted Hill – Prime

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)Prime

Killer Klowns from Outer SpaceTubi

Night of the Living DeadPrime

Nosferatu (1922) – Prime/Tubi

Return of the Living Dead – Prime

Sleepaway CampPrime

Slumber Party Massacre – Prime

The Stuff – Prime

Subspecies – Tubi


Campy Drive-In Features:

plan 9 from outer space
Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) available on Amazon Prime

Attack of the Puppet People – Prime

The Brain Eaters – Tubi

High School HellcatsPrime

The Horror of Party Beach – Prime/Tubi

Hot Rod GangPrime

How to Make a Monster – Tubi

Killer from Space – Prime/Tubi

Phantom from Space – Prime/Tubi

The Phantom Planet – Prime/Tubi

Plan 9 from Outer Space Prime

Teenage Cave Man – Tubi

The Tingler – PopcornFlix/Tubi

The Wasp Woman – Prime/Tubi


’80s Goodness:

explorers 1985
Explorers (1985) available on Amazon Prime

The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension – Vudu

An American Werewolf in LondonPrime

Bachelor PartyHulu

Blade Runner Netflix




Escape from New YorkIMDb

The Evil DeadNetflix


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Netflix

Fright Night – Crackle


High SpiritsPrime

Indiana Jones (All 4)Netflix

Killer Klowns from Outer SpaceTubi

Little Monsters (1989)Netflix

The Monster Squad – Crackle/PopcornFlix

Night of the CometTubi/IMDb

Over the Top – Prime

Pretty In Pink – Prime

Return of the Living Dead – Prime

Road HousePrime

Say Anything – Hulu

Stand By Me – Vudu

Teen Wolf – Prime/Tubi/Vudu


’90s Nostalgia:

bogus journey
Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1990) available on IMDb TV

Back to the Future Part III – Netflix

Bad Boys (1 and 2) – Netflix

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey – IMDb

Blankman – Crackle

Cliffhanger – Crackle

Good Burger – Prime/Netflix/Tubi

Goodfellas – Netflix

Groundhog Day – Netflix

Harriet the Spy – Tubi

Hook – Netflix/Vudu

Jerry MaguireNetflix

Kill Bill (1 and 2) – Netflix

Point BreakVudu

Rounders – Netflix

The Rugrats Movie – Netflix



Thelma & LouiseMost free services

The Waterboy – Vudu


Family Stuff:

good burger
Good Burger (1997) available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Tubi

Big Fat Liar – Netflix

The Croods – Netflix

Good Burger – Prime/Netflix/Tubi

Harriet the Spy – Tubi

Hugo – Netflix

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole – Netflix

The Rugrats Movie – Netflix

Spy Kids – Netflix

The Stupids – Vudu

Turbo – Netflix



elstree 1976
Elstree 1976 (2015) available on Netflix

Elstree 1976 – Netflix

The Endless Summer – Prime

Too Funny to Fail – Hulu


Lesser-Known Indies:

dave made a maze
Dave Made a Maze (2017) available on Tubi

Dave Made a Maze Tubi

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints – Most free services


Robot & Frank – Vudu

Short Term 12 – Prime

The Spectacular Now – Netflix

Sylvio – Prime

Under the Silver Lake – Prime

The Way Back (2010) – Hulu/Prime


The Last Few Years:

ingrid goes west
Ingrid Goes West (2017) available on Hulu

Blade Runner 2049Prime

Borg vs McEnroe – Hulu

Chef – IMDb

Dave Made a MazeTubi

The Disaster ArtistPrime

Ex MachinaNetflix

Fighting With My Family – Hulu/Prime

The FounderTubi/Vudu

Fury – Crackle

Good Time – Netflix

I, TonyaHulu

Ingrid Goes WestHulu

The InterviewNetflix/Hulu

Life After BethNetflix

Lion IMDb

Logan Lucky – Prime


Midsommar – Prime


Seven Psychopaths – Prime

Step Brothers – Netflix

Sylvio – Prime

Under the Silver Lake – Prime


Other Stuff From This Millennium:

lawless 2012
Lawless (2012) available on Netflix

Batman Begins/The Dark Knight – Netflix

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant – Netflix

Hellboy (2004) – Netflix

Hitch – Netflix/Hulu/IMDb

Inglorious Basterds – Netflix

Lawless – Netflix

Midnight in Paris – Crackle

Silver Linings Playbook – Netflix

Sin CityNetflix

Social Network – Crackle/IMDb

The Tourist – Netflix

War Horse – Netflix

Warrior – Prime/Hulu


Enjoy and stay safe!


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