Quick Movie Review: Gone Girl (2014)


This film is anything but formulaic. Rosamund Pike is phenomenal, and Ben Affleck’s blinking is minimal as he is at his absolute best. David Fincher keeps you on your toes, and the script is thrilling and smarter than its own good. You don’t know who to root for or who you dislike more until it hits you like a ton of bricks. Very few films can justifiably jerk your emotions from one side to the other with such grace and necessity. You don’t usually see the bad guy become the good guy so fluidly.

It’s so fun how the film plays on its satire of gossip in the media and how the public ignorantly passes it along. You end up smiling because you and the film share the same sentiment. But it’s not until the end when the movie just doesn’t satisfy your need for apologies all around towards Nick (Affleck) from the public and his friends who ridiculed him. However, it does it so that we don’t forget about Nick’s faults amidst his wife’s psychopathic development. He was a bad guy too–and catalyzed all of these events. And i guess it also accurately displays how our society would, in turn, handle being wrong too.

Admittedly, some of the symbolism is a little less subtle as the 3rd act is introduced. But if it was omitted, there would be something missing tonally.

I wonder what Nick’s side of the story is from before he cheated on his wife. Did she cheat on him first? It leaves you wondering.

With the ending a little rushed and a few plot holes and details that might leave us scratching our heads (e.g. the police checking the security videos at Desi’s house) Gone Girl’s is too entertaining and though-provoking to hold it against it. It’s a near perfect movie and ridiculously entertaining.

Twizard Rating: 99


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