Quick Movie Review: Stealing Harvard (2002)

I know most people hate this film, and I suppose I can see why. However, I personally liked it a lot. Although there’s not much reason for the story and it is just a mashup of a bunch of funny ideas that are put into scenes, it actually has some really good bits. There are tons of quotables and running jokes in this one too. 


The humor in this film is found in the little things. Duff’s mom, Elaine’s gift baskets, Uncle Jack, John’s lawyer, the non-sensical jokes. For a 13 year old boy this movie is gold, and for an avid moviegoer this film seems dumb and pointless. Well, it’s definitely dumb and pointless, but that’s the point. You might have to watch it a 2nd time to really understand it. I’ve seen this film 4 times I think, and I still enjoy it. I know it doesn’t make much sense because we all know that the events in this film would never happen and the way the characters handle them are so unbelievable. And considering the ridiculous script, the acting is pretty impressive. The direction is kinda weak and there’s almost no character depth, but if you take this film for what it is–an asinine farce–then you won’t end up hating it quite as much.


Twizard Rating: 79


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