Quick Movie Review: Heaven Is For Real (2014)

I have not read the book itself, but I do wonder if there were as many people in the church that were against Colton’s claims than what was depicted in this film. I agree that the opposition could have been a little more threatening, but this film wasn’t really about that. The acting was great, though the script was pretty average. I thought that it was a little low quality in the editing, cinematography and sound areas. And I also agree that the film may have been more effective if the Heaven scenes were not shown…although, if they didn’t show it, it would have left me curious as to what they would have made it look like. Along with that, there are some very unique themes throughout this film and some great character development.

Greg Kinnear is amazing as usual–along with his supporting cast. Honestly the smartest thing that the producers of this film did was to get Kinnear and Thomas Hayden Church on board. It immediately gives it credit as more than just a overly-biased Christian movie that people prejudge before seeing it. The boy who plays Colton is adorable. 

Twizard Rating: 85


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